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We all know that social media is creating more work from home opportunities than ever. If you’re a fast typist, then you can make some really good money. The internet needs writers and you could be paid to be one of them. Anything goes from game scriptwriters to e-book writers to academic writing.

If you’re an artsy type and you like to make beautiful things, graphic design may be the best work from home job for you. You’ll get to create nice logos, banners, advertisements, and more, all while getting paid to do the thing you love to do. As a customer service representative, you’ll be dealing with customer questions, complaints, and more.

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This is a website that lists online jobs, which is perfect if you want to work from home or whilst traveling. Luckily, there are plenty of companies hiring for online jobs, and you could even do them as a side hustle instead of a full-time job. There are some great ways for you to make money online, and we will go through the best online jobs for college students.

As an online chat rep, you will help customers with their orders and support them online. Another great way to boost income while you stay at home is by tutoring online. If you are an expert in any subject maybe consider helping students online by tutoring. If you love helping people solve make money from home jobs problems becoming a chat agent might be a great stay at home job for you. If you are looking to pick up this side hustle I recommend The Chat Shop and Site Staff. As a social media influencer, you can work with different brands such as Nike, Tmobile, and more on different sponsored posts.

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Since then I have turned my blog into a full-time business that earns over $10k per month. If you are looking to start a profitable blog click here to see a full tutorial on how to get started. ⁣
Three key components every blog needs to start making money online are listed below. When I had my first son, I ended my job as a teacher at a high school to stay at home with him. I soon found out that I could continue making money each month with different stay at home jobs. While staying at home with my now three sons, I started this blog and now earn over $10k each month and created 10 income streams.