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Find. Inspect. Offer. Whether you’re looking for rare find or a candidate for your next project we are your search partner to contact and inspect 

How Does It Work?

1. Find & Ask

Whether searching our site or on your own, contact us to help you get more details about the car.

2. Book An Inspection

We’ll go look at the vehicle and take extensive notes and photos/videos of it’s condition. Frame, Body, Interior, Rust.

3. Make An Offer

Buying a car in Colombia doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. We’ll help guide you through the options and the process.

Recently Found…

We post cars as we find them. All prices are converted from Colombian pesos to USD at the time of posting, currency value can fluctuate. Listings are translated from Spanish using Google translate. Many mechanical terms are different. For example a transmission is called a box. 

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